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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 31, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the crimes he )s accused of, and how the church is responding. right now at five a bay area priest arrested. plus, the mueller report still a big issue in washington, d.c. the demands by lawmakers. and how americans feel about the findings. say good-bye to the gorgeous weather. believe it or not, i guess you can believe it, rain is on the way. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. and i'm vicky nguyen. more rain is moving in. rob is here with what we can expect. and we are a little disappointed, rob. >> yeah. at least the timing worked out
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for a fantastic weekend. close to 70 degrees. take your pick all around the bay area. upper 60s to even upper 70s currently around morgan. next two days, though, things are starting to change up. a chance of light rain at times. not a lot of rain, but plan on some muggy conditions over the next two days getting started tomorrow and then later in the week a lot more rain with a stronger storm system on the way. more than an inch in spots around the bay area. coming up, a time line on the impact of your workweek coming up in about 15 minutes. >> a lot of changes. okay. thank you. rob is constantly updating the conditions on his twitter feed. you can stay up-to-date by following rob. a local catholic priest arrested and facing serious charges. 30 counts of suspected child sexual abuse according to detectives, he was abusing a
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child for a year and a half starting back in 2016. at that time he was working at st. john's catholic church. he has since been serving at corpus christi paris in freemont. police are asking any additional victims to come forward. also new at 5:00, a bay area man is under arrest in columbia, accused of a shocking string of crimes involving children. this is video of police confronts him at the airport. investigators say this was his seventh trip to columbia to pay young girls for sexual acts. he is from fairfax. he used facebook profiles to communicate with the girls. hundreds of people rallied in san francisco to call for an end to islam phobia and attacks
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on muslims. they called on elected officials to lead the way. in san francisco with the story. roz. >> reporter: indeed, terry. they rallied today because of an attack on a mosque in southern california just a week ago. and the message of today's rally, fighting islamphobia is not just the job of muslims. >> they came from across the bay area, to take a stand against islamphobia and the recent hate and violence directed as muslims. >> as a society, we can no longer keep on silent. >> the rally was prompted by the attack on a mosque in ela few w ago. the suspected arsonist referred to the massacre in new zealand. >> i call upon all civic leaders to go whether at city level, state level or federal level to counter the rising tide and to
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call it out, call it out and take action. >> reporter: a handful of elected leaders came out to take part of the rally and express their solidarity. >> we know in the civil rights movement in the 1960s we only prevailed when we all locked arms together, white, black, brown, yellow. >> in the face of all the challenges that exist in our country, despite the people who try to divide us, we will continue to stand strong and come together. >> reporter: people who took part in the rally told us they welcome that support and they hope it spreads. >> not only just at the grass root level, but also in the city halls, in the state assemblies and in the congress and all the way to the white house. >> reporter: now, one thing the group says it will ask for is that it will ask elected officials to try to find a way to protect muslim women better. they wear the symbols of their
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religions on their head and are often the most visible targets of hatred. >> roz, thank you. democrats are on the offensive demanding that the attorney general release robert mueller's fuel report on the 2016 election. barr is promising to release a redacted version of the nearly 400 page version to congress by mid-april. many americans don't have a clear verdict on whether the president has been cleared of wrongdoing. jennifer johnson with the latest tonight from washington. >> reporter: democrats ramping up pressure on attorney general william barr to release robert mueller's full report on the russia investigation. barr says he will release a redacted version to congress by mid-april. >> we have a new species of political dinosaurs. it is called the barr-redactal. he thinks he can redact the three or four hundred page report from bob mueller.
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>> president trump claimed vindication. but a new nbc news wall street journal poll says americans don't see it that way. 40% says the report does not clear the president of wrongdoing. 29% say it does. 31% are unsure. >> i know that a lot of my friends on the other party are still upset that donald trump is president but it is time to move on because enough is enough when it comes to this collusion and obstruction. >> mueller didn't reach an opinion on whether the president tried to obstruct the investigation. meanwhile, president trump is picking new fights, attempting to strike down obamacare through the courts and threatening to close the southern border this week if mexico doesn't stop the migrants. >> you can take the president seriously. he is looking at 4,000 migrants apprehended in one day recently. >> democrats say the president needs to help central american countries where most migrants are coming from. but the president announced he
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is cutting aid, a move democrats say will only make the border crisis worse. jennifer johnson, nbc news washington. possible presidential candidate joe biden continues to find himself at the center of controversy. a woman climbs biden inappropriately kissed her. she says before a campaign event biden approached her from behind, placed his hands on her shoulders and kissed her on the back of the head. joe biden said, i have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort. and not once, never, did i believe i acted inappropriately. the chp is investigating another highway shooting in the east bay. this is at least the fifth shooting on a bay area freeway this month.
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nbc bay area thom jensen is live. thom. >> reporter: terry, the chp said it happened on a wide pull out just like this one. maybe this very pull out that we're on right now as some vehicles were heading westbound here. a spokesman from the chp told nbc bay area that two men in a newer small white car, possibility a toyota carolla began tailgating a man and woman here. the couple pulled over to let the suspects by, but a passenger in the white car started yelling at them. so the victims pulled all the way off the road, but the suspect's car pulled right in front of them and stopped them, blocking them. and then the passenger started shooting. >> shots rang out and bullets rang out towards their windshield striking it twice. thankfully, the driver and passenger of the nissan ducked
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below the dash and were not injured. >> reporter: the victim's car was hit twice according to chp spokesperson. there have been a series of shootings on bay area highways, some random and some tied to road rage. the chp is still vinvestigating whether this began as road rage. the victims got a good look at the suspect passenger. they said he was a white man who was bald between 35 and 40 years old and more directly or more detail, had tattoos on his face and down his right arm. the chp says it is so important if we're going to catch shooters in these highway shootings to get that type of detail, the suspect description, the car, make and model and obviously a license plate if you can get it. thom jensen. >> wow, scarey. thank you. a deadly accident slowed
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traffic in san francisco this morning. the crash took place at 3:00, so not a lot of traffic. right under 101. one person was killed, another person was take ton the hospital, but that person is expected to be okay. police have not yet determined what led up to that crash. a well known and much loved priest from the east bay has died. father jay matthews passed away last night as a heart attack. he served at christ the light in oakland. he was the first african-american ordained priest in northern california. he was 70 years old. still to come, waking up to flames and rushing to safety, the quick action of firefighters that helped save those in this house fire. and no more hope for a popular tent city in the south bay. the reason the city shut it down today when we come back. tisan jo
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close by 1 p.m. this afternoo time has run out for san jose's tent city. san jose forced the village to close by 1:00 p.m. this afternoon because the faa deemed it unfit for residential use. that's because of noise from the incoming airplanes. the city's promise to find another spot for the sanctioned homeless. so far efforts have only hit roadblocks. residents have been given 30 day motel vouchers.
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after that, many will likely move back in along the creek. >> it's sad that they don't have a place to go. it is pretty simple, good idea. you have a way to get them out of the creek, to stop polluting the creek, give them trash service, rest rooms and shower facilities and give the people a lot of dignity. >> there are an estimated 4,300 homeless people in san jose. a plume of smoke over santa rosa today off college avenue at glen street. firefighters quickly gained control and they're now trying to figure out what started it. >> san francisco police look for the man responsible for a bizarre attack at a roller skating ring this weekend. it happened around 10:00 p.m. friday. witnesses say a man dressed as a pirate and wearing a red maga hat starting threatening people going in and out of a popular
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spot. the man pulled out a sword and cut his wrist and hand. the victim is expected to be okay. this comes on a heels of a deadly attack last saturday where a gunman opened fire on a crowded street blocks away, killing one man and wounding five more. no arrests have been made in either case. another tragic case of sports fans going way too far. a brutal attack at dodgers stadium leaves a man fighting for his life. how that brings back disturbing memories for giants fans. and the weekend finishing up with 70s around the bay area. san jose 72 degrees, but you also notice the increasing clouds which lead to rain chances for the workweek. a look at that when we come back right.
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outside dodger stadium, in l-a. this is a picture of the 45 year old man, that his wife took at skblrchlgts a man is on life-support tonight after become attacked. she says he has a fractured skull and needs help breathing. he was face timing his wife after the dodgers game around 1:00 a.m. saturday. she says that's when another man approached her husband yelling at him. she then heard a crack and the screen went black. >> i panicked. i'm screaming in the phone and nobody is answering me and i can hear my husband moaning. how can you do this to my husband and leave him laying on the floor. you leave him laying on the floor like he's a piece of trash?
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>> los angeles police are investigating the assault but so far they have not made any arres arrests. that brings back memories of a giants man brutally attacked eight years ago. that attacked exactly eight years ago today. he was in stadium's parking lot. two men beat him up, leaving him with severe brain damage. his attackers pleaded guilty and received eight and four years in prison respectively. one is out already, out of prison. lives with his parents. he reached a settlement with the dodgers and helps run the foundation. dodgiants finished up with loss 3-1. tomorrow they begin a three game series in l.a. before returning to the bay area for their home opener. we'll have complete coverage on opening day all day.
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i think they will be up at the stadium again at 4:30 in the morning. >> the weather. >> i have been listening -- >> game time decision. you will be watching very closely. we will start with that. again, we're jumping ahead now to the friday forecast. oracle park, we're looking at numbers in the 60s, but notice how the rain drops become more likely in the afternoon. early afternoon start time as things look right now, game probably gets underway. but then as we get to the ninth inning or extra innings, odds are we will be seeing some rain. so a shame we shouldn't have had the game today because temperatures were close to 70 in san francisco. right now 64 degrees. and we'll see more of those clouds thickening up as we heads towards tonight. 72 degrees. highs earlier in the mid-70s. so tonight we will see increasing clouds, probably a chance before sunrise, especially north of san
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francisco where you might see a few showers. one thing you will notice throughout the day, more clouds and it is going to be muggy outside. we're talking about a chance of showers. look at the temperatures, upper 60s and low 70s. it will feel a bit more like hawaii air-conditioning at times with the cloudy skies. and later in the day, more so tomorrow night into tuesday morning, we'll see more of those showers moving through the bay area. around 3:00 a.m., a few isolated showers. notice all the cloud cover. next two days it will be more muggy as opposed to seeing actual rain. rain will probably 10% to 15% of the time. there you see monday night. north bay seeing some showers. looks like tuesday's morning commute will have some rain coming down at times. as you are about to see, rain totals very right. in fact, below a tenth of an inch of rain for most of the bay area. might get closer to a tenth of
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an inch. a lot of humidity. systems to follow. we got one coming in here on thursday that will probably bring us at least more widespread mainly light rain, but then giants home opener here you go friday. you have the best looking storm in the series coming on in and we could very likely see more than an inch of rain for parts of the bay area. this little atmosphere late friday into saturday. that's probably the reason why we'll see more rain out of that friday night storm into saturday. and for next weekend, unlike this one, right now looks like we will see showers into saturday afternoon and another storm system coming in for sunday. there you go. that's april for you. considering the weather we have been seeing, we have a great weekend this weekend. next weekend in and out of the rain drops at times. you can see the temperatures aren't going to be cooling off that much. wettest stretch of the week right now looks like late friday tomorrow afternoon and saturday
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morning. that could be more than an inch of rain for parts of the bay area. not exactly baseball weather. >> no. thanks a lot. >> thank you, rob. the inspirational story in tonight's bay area proud. stay with us. and now they )re wt
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again. we want to introduce you to a bay area couple who already saved a little girl's life and now they are working to do it again. >> yeah. it all started after their young son's unexpected death. it's an amazing story of sacrifice and generosity. the story in today's bay area proud. >> reporter: jennifer told me there was a time years ago when she was convinced in the awful case of losing a child she
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couldn't go through with organ donation. well, that awful case did happen. and jennifer surprised herself when she insisted on it. it was literally a gift that keeps on giving. >> blended families come together in all sorts of ways. >> oh, look at this one. >> most often of course through divorce and marriage. but for jennifer and rick and julie, their two families are forever joined through death and life. the death coming 21 years ago when jennifer son dion died suddenly from meningitis at the age of four. >> i remember it was a female doctor, and she said, i am so sorry. if there is anything we can do, your son is brain dead. >> dion's heart went to save the
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life of a two year old girl, melissa logan, julie's daughter. and though identities in such cases are often kept confidential at the donor recipient gathering, julie put two and two together. >> i said, can i talk to you for a minute. i said, my daughter has your son's heart. >> and then she said the most amazing words. she said, would you like to meet her? she said, she is in the lobby. >> it was the beginning of a 20 year love story. the fullers being there for every one of melissa's birthdays, graduations and transplant anniversaries, reveling in the fact that dion's heart made it all possible. but dion's heart can do it in more. it is failing and melissa has been told she will soon need
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another transplant. >> i really don't know how long it will be until that call is made. >> and when it is, melissa has insurance to cover the medical costs. but her family estimates they will need $100,000 for after care expenses. money julie says they just don't have. >> we were told right away that we needed to fund-raise. >> but julie won't have to take that on because once again in melissa's time of need, the fullers are there. >> so we called julie, melissa's mom, and said, would you be okay if we spearhead this project? >> just because they saved melissa's life once the fullers believe is no reason not to do it again. >> i can't even imagine life without them. they are absolutely amazing. >> i think it is just pure unconditional love. >> when all is said and done, the biological link between
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these two families will be gone, but their bond will be stronger than ever. the good news is that the fullers say they are about halfway to reaching that $100,000 goal already. if you'd like to check out the fund-raising effort, go to my facebook page. >> absolutely remarkable. sglrchl still ahead, president trump is taking aim at a enviroment of issues. our political analyst joining us next to break it all down. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ]
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president trump... still threatening to close the border this week. right now at 5:30, president trump still threatens to close the border this week. but the mueller report continues to be a hot topic on capitol hill. special edition of nbc bay area starts right now. thanks for


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